Bus Stories List

Stories For Your Bus

By Harold Smith

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001The Rich Man's SonListen
002The Faithful DogListen
003Get On the RockListen
004Tammy the CatListen
005Get My Mother InListen
006A Rattlesnake StoryListen
007A Moth CollectorListen
008A Pancake StoryListen
009A Sick BoyListen
010Saved Twice at SeaListen
011Serious Things Tomorrow, But Not TodayListen
012Story of Two RabbitsListen
013Two Died For MeListen
014A Train On FireListen
015The Man Who Missed the TrainListen
016I'm Not Afraid of the DevilListen
017How Willie Got SavedListen
018Father, Make It PlainListen
019The Governor's PardonListen
020The Preacher and the Coal MineListen
021Stray DogListen
022The Singer and His Lost TongueListen
023The Blood Marked the DoorListen
024The Rag DollListen
025The Captain and the BarometerListen
026Lost at SeaListen
027Can You Tell Me the Way to Heaven?Listen
028The Richest Man in the ValleyListen
029John Bunyan, the SwearerListen
030I'm Coming, Sir!Listen
031Happy JaneListen
032The Son of a Famous GeneralListen
033A Girl Named MaryListen
034An African Girl and the LionsListen
035A Japanese ThiefListen
036The Newfoundland Show DogListen
037Why Don't You Love Jesus?Listen
038An African Girl and the LionsListen
039Stephen, No Longer Afraid to SleepListen
040The Titanic, Get In the Lifeboat!Listen
041A Sinking ShipListen
042How Hudson Taylor Got SavedListen
043A Strange Way to be SavedListen
044Saved in a Strange PlaceListen
045The Salvation of an Old DrunkListen
046Two Men and a Debt All PaidListen
047Saved on the SpotListen
048A Five-Year-Old Japanese BoyListen
049A Wonderful SecretListen
050A Rich Man and His RavenListen
051A Boy Horse ThiefListen
052Harry and a Bag of BeansListen
053The Infidel and the Sinking BoatListen
054Gypsy Girl Fortune TellerListen
055Pierre the Shepherd BoyListen
056The Man Who Died for Eleven OthersListen
057A Sad Indian GirlListen
058An African Boy and a Slave TraderListen
059Johnny and the School InspectorListen
060Rose and the Beautiful SnowListen
061Arnot the MissionaryListen
062Susie Was LostListen
063The Artist and the BirdsListen
064The Deaf Man and the FireListen
065Bobby and the TrainListen
066God Answers PrayerListen
067Jack and the LambListen
068The Price of a SoulListen
069A Terrible VolcanoListen
070Sandy's SongListen
071A Strong TowerListen
072Two Bad BoysListen
073Little Danny BoyListen
074Shindy, the African BoyListen
075The Leopard and His SpotsListen
076A Serpant On a PoleListen
077Namaan, the LeperListen
078Preacher and a HangingListen
079Saved Through a KeyholeListen
080A Hockey Player SavedListen
081Emily and Her Drunken FatherListen
082A Poor Old WomanListen
083Jeremiah and the DungeonListen
084A Preacher and a HenListen
085Branded Boys and GirlsListen
086Edward the African BoyListen
087Tom, the Unhappy BoyListen
088Saved by a Fish BoneListen
089Sam, the Paper BoyListen
090Reggie and the Big CityListen
091A Preacher That DisappearedListen
092A Baby Lion and a Little GirlListen
093Only Sinners Get SavedListen
094Get a Pardon On TimeListen
095Lost in the WoodsListen
096The Queen and a Little BirdListen
097How Long Is Eternity?Listen
098The Bible is DifferentListen
099The City of RefugeListen
100Susan and the Dying BoyListen
101John and the Indian BoyListen
102Harry and the Heart MedicineListen
103The Little Boy "Me Too"Listen
104Which Road to Hell?Listen
106The Coney and the RocksListen
107A Baby SparrowListen
108A Brave Boy Named BenListen
109A Poor Chinese BoyListen
110Indian, Dog, and Lost BoyListen
111A Ship In TroubleListen
112The Bad Boys and the ElephantsListen
113The Missionary and the ChooListen
114The Blacksmith and His BibleListen
115The Funeral of a Rich ManListen
116Jesus is EnoughListen
117Old Man KindListen
118Joe Cheated at SchoolListen
119Jimmy and Jack that DiedListen
120Jerry and His ChoresListen
121Two Ways to be RichListen
122When the Trumpet SoundsListen
123Jason and the Stolen Watermelon, Part 1Listen
124Jason and the Stolen Watermelon, Part 2Listen
125Have You Considered the Cost?Listen