About Our Streaming Media

About Our Streaming Media

Media Format:

We have recently upgraded our audio and video streaming services to HTML5 in an effort to provide a better experience for viewers of our previously recorded church services. Windows Media Player and Adobe Flash are being rejected by more and more browsers and electronic appliances leading us to make these changes. We tested with older PC's and as many browsers that we could get our hands on in order to avoid any issues observed by our viewers and listeners. Most browsers should be able to directly play our media in their window screens without the need of an external application such as Windows Media Player or Flash. The system we implemented does have a fallback for the cases where a user still has problems viewing our archived services.

Please contact us at webservant.bereanbaptist@gmail.com for any concerns, issues, or comments. Clicking the link will open up pre-formatted email. Please fill in the form before you send. We will answer you as soon as we can.


Watch our services on your tablet or smart phone. . .

Previously recorded services:  

Should be able to be played in your native browser with no issues. Use the contact email link above if any problems are observed.

Live Services:

Android Users:
Try Wondershare Player (free) or VLC for Android (free).

iPad and iPhone Users:

Should use the Onxyservers for Mobile link found on the Watch/Listen page, if the YouTube Live Stream is unavailable.

The mobile apps mentioned above have been found to work with our streaming media, but may not work with your device.